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Save time, money, and floor space with kiosks
Sell tickets to any show at any site!
24-hour automated ticketing, advance sales, and ticket fulfillment
Generate revenue by leasing kiosk advertising space

Self-service ticket purchasing and fulfillment are a breeze with eCustomerTixs, Titan’s exclusive kiosk ticketing software. Offer patrons tickets to any show at any of your locations: eCustomerTixs allows you to provide your patrons with the convenience of regular ticket sales, advance sales, and automated Will Call ticket collection, without ever having to stand in line at the box office.

This user-friendly kiosk solution also supports our SelectYourSeat ticketing option, which allows your customers to view the seating plan and choose their own seats.

eCustomerTixs is also offered in Collection Mode, which allows you to designate kiosks for fulfillment only. Customers simply swipe their credit cards, and instantly receive their pre-purchased tickets.

Titan’s eCustomerTixs software can be used with a wide variety of kiosk types—including indoor, outdoor, weather-protected, and vandal-resistant models. Kiosks using eCustomerTixs can be located off-premise to provide additional ticket selling opportunities and consumer convenience.